Fix and Flip Loan in Ambler, PA | Closed Despite Rising Rates and Other Lenders Shutting Down

Funded by i Fund Cities


Deal Details

Private Loan Type

Residential Fix and Flip

Approx. Funding Date


Property Type
Single Family Residence
Property City


Property State


Loan Term (months)


Lien Type

1st Mortgage

Payment Type

Interest Only

Purchase Price


Loan-to-Purchase Price


Borrower's Contribution to Purchase


Source of Borrower's Contribution


Renovation Budget


After-Repair Value


Deal Highlights

We were able to close with the borrower under unusual circumstances (i.e. rising rate environment).
Having access to a lender they already knew and trusted, allowed for a short timeframe to closing.

Deal Summary

In June 2022, i Fund Cities closed a Fix & Flip loan secured by a single-family home in Ambler, Pennsylvania, just north of Philadelphia. This client was an iFC repeat customer (we love the relationships we have with our long-term investors!). This investor had been in contact with iFC for some time, looking for a deal that made sense for them to fund through us. This single-family home fix-and-flip deal was a great fit! The customer was looking to close quickly on the loan. Since we already had an established relationship with them, we had all stayed in contact, we were able to move quickly throughout the process and ensure any hurdles along the way would be communicated and overcome. Having access to a lender who they already knew and trusted, allowed for a short timeframe to closing. The purchase price was $400,000 and the rehab budget was $80,700. The estimated after-repair value was $575,000. Our loan amount was 70% loan-to-cost, and the loan term was set at 12 months.

Key Loan Benefit to Borrower:

A key aspect of this loan is that we were able to close with the borrower under some unusual circumstances, including the rising rate environment.

Customer Feedback:

Says the customer, “I appreciated the responsiveness and team effort behind getting the deal done, the communication from the team while overcoming hurdles, and the personal aspect of working with you guys. After a time when rates hiked up and we were told our rate would be increasing, iFC gave us the news, and was still able to close a deal when other lenders were shut down.”

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