Bridge Loan for Two Single-Family Residences in Greensboro, Georgia

Funded by Lima One Capital


Deal Details

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Approx. Funding Date


Property Type
Single Family Residence
Property City


Property State


Loan Term (months)


Lien Type

1st Mortgage

Payment Type

Interest Only

Property Condition

Brand New Build

Occupancy at Closing


Deal Highlights

Builder wanted to get cash out of 2 new builds for future projects while maintaining flexibility.
Cash-out refinance of new builds with a 13-month, interest-only loan.
No prepayment penalty.

Deal Summary

Lima One Capital, a direct lender for residential real estate investors, funded a $1,080,000 1st lien position bridge loan secured by two single-family homes in Greensboro, GA. A Georgia-based builder was finishing up two new home builds but wasn’t ready to choose whether to hold them as rentals or sell them on the market, given the uncertain 2023 market conditions. He wanted to get some cash out for future construction projects while maintaining exit strategy flexibility to maximize profit. A broker connected this builder to Lima One. Lima One’s Bridge Plus loan provided this builder with the perfect combination of certainty and flexibility. With the 13-month, interest-only loan, the builder got cash-out and maintained the ability to sell at any time with no prepayment penalty. This loan solution allows the investor to wait out the market to see whether rentals or new home sales will provide the best return on investment. This SFR refinance bridge loan was funded in April 2023.

Funded By

Lima One Capital

The Nation's Premier Lender for Real Estate Investors

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