Hard Money Construction Completion Loan for SFR in Los Angeles, California

Funded by Secured Capital Lending


Deal Details

Private Loan Type

Residential Rehab

Approx. Funding Date


Property Type
Single Family Residence
Property City

Los Angeles

Property State


Loan Term (months)


Lien Type

1st Trust Deed

Payment Type

Interest Only

Property Value


Previous Loan Balance




Construction Budget


Construction Budget Funded


Builder's Contribution to Budget


Completed Value


Loan-to-Completed Value


Construction Project Scope

Construction Completion

Property Neighborhood

Glassell Park

Location Type


Property Condition


Occupancy at Closing


Number of Units


Building Square Footage


Lot Square Footage


Borrower's Plan

Rehab and Sell

Exit Strategy


Borrower Credit Rating


Interest Rate


Origination Points


Deal Summary

Secured Capital Lending, a direct hard money lender, funded a $655,000 1st lien position construction completion loan for a single-family home in the Glassell Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA. The property value was estimated at $950,000 so our loan-to-value was 68%. We paid off a previous loan balance of $501,000. We funded 45% of the total $292,900 construction budget. The completed value was estimated at $1,125,000 so our loan-to-completed value was 58%. The Borrower started the project with her own funds but due to inflation and construction costs going up, their budget was increased, and they were not able to finish on their own. They came to us mid-construction during the framing stage, and we were able to quickly underwrite and approve the loan. We ended up paying off her previous lender and gave her the entire completion funds to complete the project. It required us to get out of our comfort zone and do a little more work to make sure there was no hair left on the deal. We eventually got comfortable with the project and got the job done. The subject property was approximately 850 square feet set in a 4,640-square-foot lot. The Borrower had excellent credit. They plan to sell the property as an exit strategy. The interest rate was 11%, and we charged 2% origination points. The loan term was set at 12 months. This SFR construction loan was funded in February 2024.

Funded By

Secured Capital Lending

Direct Private Lender for California Investment Properties


Sam Chivitchian

CEO/Fund Manager

As the visionary CEO of Secured Capital Lending and Fund Manager of SCL Funding, I bring a wealth of experience and insight to the forefront of real estate financing. Under my leadership, Secured Capital Lending has flourished, becoming a pivotal force in providing innovative private lending solutions tailored for real estate investors and brokers. My strategic approach and commitment to excellence have not only propelled the company's growth but also solidified its reputation as a trusted partner in achieving financial success. With a keen eye on market trends and a passion for empowering clients, I continue to drive Secured Capital Lending towards new heights, ensuring our clients' ventures are both profitable and sustainable.