Hard Money Loan for Luxury Home Rehab in Woodside, California

Funded by Cityscape Finance, LLC


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Single Family Residence
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1st Mortgage

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Interest Only

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Rehab and Sell

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Deal Highlights

Supported a seasoned investor with a $1,000,000 renovation budget for a historic 8,470 sqft SFR.
Funded a $2,700,000 fix and flip loan with an ARV of $23,000,000, indicating high return prospects.

Deal Summary

Cityscape Finance, a direct private lending firm, funded a $2,700,000 1st lien position hard money loan for a large single-family home in Woodside, CA. The Borrower is an experienced investor, leveraging their expertise to maximize the property’s value post-renovation. He needed some funds to renovate the home before putting it on the market for sale. The advance at closing was $1,500,000 with a renovation budget of $1,000,000. It was built in 1934 and spans 8,470 square feet. Woodside is one of the wealthiest and highest-priced cities in Silicon Valley, with many large homes on large lots. The after-repair value was estimated at $23,000,000, so our loan is only 10.87% loan-to-value based on the ARV. The loan carries an interest rate of 11.25%. The loan term was set at 12 months. This hard money loan was funded in June 2024.

Funded By

Cityscape Finance, LLC

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