Transactions Guide

Posting completed transactions on is an easy and effective way for private lenders to get additional exposure and more leads. This page explains some of the guidelines, and the information below will help you write a descriptive title and description.

Once you’re logged in to your account, select Company Details from the left side menu, click on the Transactions tab and then click Create Transaction.


The title should be a short description – 6 to 12 words. Here are a few items that we recommend you include in the title:

  • Loan Type Keyword
    • Bridge Loan, Hard Money Loan, Private Money Loan, Private Construction Loan
  • Transaction Type
    • Purchase, Refinance, Equity Cash Out, Rehab, Fix & Flip, Long-Term Rental, Construction, 2nd Mortgage, Mezzanine, etc.
  • Property Location
    • City, County, Metro area, State
    • For large states with multiple metro areas, use the metro or city
  • Property Type – be specific
    • Single Family Home, House, Condo, Duplex, Triplex, Multifamily, Office, Retail, Industrial, Hotel, Land, Gas Station, etc.

Title Samples

Use the components listed above to write a descriptive title, similar to these examples:

  • Private Money Loan for Bay Area Mutlifamily Property Acquisition
  • Hard Money Loan for Midtown Manhattan Condo Purchase
  • Refinance Bridge Loan for Washington DC Retail Property
  • Hard Money Loan for Dallas SFR Fix & Flip Project
  • Private Money Rehab Loan for Atlanta Residential Rental Property
  • Hard Money Loan for Denver Cannabis Dispensary
  • Private Construction Loan for Miami Mixed-Use Property
  • Equity Cash Out Bridge Loan Secured by Los Angeles Entitled Land
  • Private Mortgage for Chicago Office Building Refinance
  • Mezzanine Financing for Chicago Industrial Property Acquisition
  • Private Money Cash Out Loan for Northern California Winery
  • Hard Money Construction Loan for Boston Multifamily Development

transaction title and description


This is the most important element of the Transaction post, and there are several reasons why you should take the time and effort to write a solid description of your transactions:

  • Credibility – a well-written description will make a good impression of your company
  • Conversion – potential leads may learn about benefits of doing business with your company which will entice them to contact you
  • Exposure on Landing Pages – transactions with good descriptions will be added to the regional search pages throughout the site, under the list of lenders
  • Email Marketing – we may select your transaction to be included in one of our 4 monthly newsletters
  • SEO – transaction posts are searchable on Google, and a potential borrower searching for a loan may see your transaction post, then visit your profile and contact you

Sample Transactions with a Good Description

  1. Miami Beach Short-Term Rental Conversion
  2. San Fernando Valley Industrial Property Refinance
  3. Harlem Condo Development
  4. Washington DC House Rehab
  5. Dallas Office Building Refinance

Content Suggestions

We recommend having at least 120 words in your description, and there is no limit. Use complete sentences. Here are some content ideas:

  • Loan Type
  • Region – if in a major metropolitan city, which neighborhood?
  • Location – urban or rural? anything unique about the area?
  • Property – type, size, occupancy status, unique features
  • Loan Purpose
  • LTV or LTC
  • Borrower’s future plan for property
  • Exit Strategy
  • Loan Term – number of months or years
  • Interest Rate – if something to brag about
  • Lien Position
  • Transaction Time – how long did it take to close?
  • Were there any major challenges with closing the transaction?
  • Why the Borrower used private lending instead of traditional financing
  • Appraisal – did you require a full appraisal or did you do in-house valuation?
  • Did you do a site visit?
  • Was the Borrower a new client or repeat client?
  • Was a mortgage broker involved?

Purchase Loan

  • What was the purchase price?
  • How much did the Borrower put down?
  • Source of the Borrower’s down payment – cash, private investor, cross with another property, 1031 exchange
  • Was it an off-market sale?

Refinance Loan

  • Was there an existing mortgage or was it owned free-and-clear?
  • Balance of previous mortgage(s)
  • Was any cash out provided?
  • Purpose of refinance and/or cash out funds

Renovation or Value Add Loan

  • What percentage of the purchase price did you fund?
  • How much (amount or percentage) did the Borrower put down for the purchase?
  • Did you provide the renovation/construction funds?
  • How much did the Borrower contribute to the renovation costs?
  • Did you hold back the renovation costs? How many draws?
  • What did the renovation project entail?
  • Did the project go over budget?
  • How long did it take to complete the renovations?
  • What is the expected after-repair value?
  • Is the Borrower an experienced investor?

Land Loan

  • Type of Land – infill, rural, agricultural
  • Current zoning
  • Is the land entitled?
  • Is the Borrower planning to develop?
  • Does the Borrower have approved building plans?

Ground-Up Construction Loan

  • Did the Borrower already own the land?
  • Did the loan include the land acquisition?
  • How much (amount or percentage) did the Borrower put down for the purchase?
  • How much did the Borrower contribute to the construction costs?
  • What type of property will it be upon completion?


  • Photo is required
  • Must use a real photo of the subject propert
  • Don’t upload a photo which has text or a logo embedded
  • You can upload multiple images to your Transaction
  • After uploading, you can re-order – place the best image first

Image Size

  • Try to compress/optimize your images prior to uploading – large files will take too long to load
  • Ideal File Size: less than 300KB
  • Maximum File Size: 2MB
  • Image Gallery Dimensions: 955 x 585 pixels (on desktop view)
    • You don’t have to resize your images to these dimensions

transaction image gallery


  • No contact information – viewers can click a button to find your profile and contact info
  • Do not include the street address of the subject property
  • Do not include the borrower’s name
  • No marketing statements
    • Don’t include a tagline or the same wording on all of your posts; just focus on the transaction
  • Photo Required – transaction will not show up if you don’t add a photo
  • Must use a real photo of the subject property
    • No city skylines or fake property photos
    • Aerial images are acceptable
    • Renderings and Blueprint images are acceptable for construction transactions
    • No text or logos embedded on photo

We will un-publish Transaction posts that do not meet the guidelines above. Transaction posts are viewable to the public and searchable on Google, so don’t include any sensitive information.