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1003 county route 68, Eagle Bridge New York 12057

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24 months

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Residential Property

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Single Family Residence

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Purchase, Rehab Fix & Flip

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4 acres

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Not Applicable

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The details are such: I have a property under contract worth $225,000.00 as is, Worth $275,000.00 - $300,000.00 after $20,000.00 - $45,000.00 of rehabilitation and repairs. I have it under contract for $51,501.00. The comparison properties in the same zip code that have sold recently and are on the market now for sale have an average per square foot value of $97.00 and a per acre value of just under $3,000.00. The property is a 2657 square foot Colonial on 3.9 acres.
property Address: 1003 county route 68 Eagle Bridge NY 12057, Washington county (in the Lake George area upstate NY) always a popular area, now with the virus, rural property is in higher demand and growing. My plan is to upgrade existing house and sell it after 12-months. I have a proven track record of fixing and flipping property, it's a matter of public record in the county clerks office in the counties I have worked. not all of my 21 projects show me on the tax records, as I have worked with partners and investors that have bought me out of the deals at the closing table. I have recently fully recovered from a health issue that has put me on the investing sidelines for over three years. I had a brain tumor removed last October of 2019. The tumor had bad effects on me for several years, seizures, headaches, etc. then I had the long recovery that is now finished, I am me again and ready to resume doing what I do, make money in Real Estate, as the deal I put together demonstrates. I have more in the pipeline, and will be looking for partners and investors / lenders, for them too, soon. First I need to get my name on the deed of this property and the more than $200,000 in profit / equity!
Any background checking site will show the many addresses I have had over the past 33 years, most were investments. This is what I do, buy property for less than 50% of value and flip them. I've been doing this all my life, before my brain tumor.
This is a list of some of the projects I have flipped:
303 Kent rd. s. Cornwall Bridge CT 06754 Litchfield county
39 West Winifred st Arcadia, Fl Desoto county
9 / 11 Toas street Shelton Ct.06484 Fairfield county
267 Rossmor Dr Saylorsburg PA 18353 Monroe County
814 Hill Street Rocky Mount NC. 27801 Edgecombe county
209 David Ave Clearwater FL

Steve Smith
I have google DUO, Hangouts and Whatsapp, all have video capability, my phone number and or this email address is how you get linked to me on them

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(516) 642-9636


A New Energy Company




Eagle Bridge, New York

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