Private Hard Money Lending Industry Service Providers

We offer a unique and valuable resource to find service providers that are focused on the private lending industry. Private/hard money lenders, mortgage brokers, property investors and mortgage investors can use this directory to find various companies that support their businesses.

Investor Services

This section lists companies that offer services to property investors and mortgage / trust deed investors: Self-Directed IRA, Accounting, Asset Protection, Insurance, Property Tax Appeal, Tax Advisory.

Lender Services

Find companies that offer services to private mortgage lenders, including hard money lending firms and individual/family lenders: Accounting, Foreclosure, Fund Administration, Fund Control, Insurance, Loan Doc Prep, Servicing, Trade Associations.

Due Diligence

Discover companies that provide services related to helping lenders underwrite a loan funding or note purchase: Residential Property Appraisals, Commercial Property Appraisals, Credit Reports, Loan File Audit, Property Diligence, Inspections.

Legal Services

Find firms that provide legal services to private / hard money lenders and mortgage investors: Loan Closing, Compliance, Licensing, Fund Advisory, Bankruptcy, Loan Docs, Securities Law, Settlement.


This section lists companies that offer capital services to lenders and brokers: Table Funding, White Label Correspondent Lending, Funded Loan Buyers, Capital Consultants.


Discover technology companies that provide software and tech-related services to lenders and property investors: Loan Origination Software, Servicing Software, Loan Doc Software, Transaction Management, Investment Management, Data Services, Property Investing Software, Technology Consultants.


Find companies that offer a variety of marketing services to private lending and investment real estate firms: Advertising, Design, Marketing Consultants, Networking / Events, SEO, Social Media, Website Development.

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