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Lender Link is a resource for property investors and brokers to research and connect with reputable private mortgage lending companies (aka hard money lenders). Most of our lenders offer short-term bridge loans, but you can also find permanent financing here. Get the information you need to evaluate multiple financing options for your situation.

Typical Loan Scenarios

Secured by investment real estate only

Residential short-term loan
CRE bridge loans up to 2 years
SFR Fix & Flip Loan
Short-Term Refinance (< 65% LTV)
Close a purchase deal in 1-2 weeks
Rehab a house and hold as a rental
30-year loan for residential rental
Use equity to buy another property
Build a spec home
Build multiple houses
Multifamily long-term loan
Refinance to buy out partner
Possible But Difficult Loan Scenarios

Only available in certain areas

100% financing for house flips
Loans secured by land (up to 50% LTV)
Rural locations or far from metro area
2nd mortgages (only available in CA, AZ)
Loan amounts under $75,000
Loan amounts over $20MM
Foreign national borrowers
Special purpose properties
Horizontal development financing
Cannabis-use properties
Impossible Loan Scenarios

No lender on our platform will consider these

100% financing for rental properties
Gap funding
Down payment money
Loans for owner-occupied homes (except CA, AZ)
Loans for home occupied by family member
Refinance bridge loan over 65% LTV
Purchase bridge loan over 70% LTV
DSCR long-term rental loan with less than 680 FICO
DSCR Long-term purchase loan over 80% LTV
DSCR Long-term refinance loan over 75% LTV

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