How it Works for Investment Companies

Get Listed, Get Investor Leads

Advertise your company’s investment opportunity on our site to receive investor leads. Create a public profile with general information about the offering, and investors will contact you directly to inquire. Your investment opportunity must be related to mortgages and investment real estate. Here are a few examples:

  • Private Mortgage Debt Fund
  • Real Estate Equity Fund
  • Commercial Property Syndication
  • Real Estate Development
  • Business Investment
  • Crowdfunding

How Leads Are Received
Site visitors may contact you by phone or email form. All of the initial inquiries are tracked and logged in our database. You reply directly to the leads.

What Does it Cost?

The pricing for Investment Companies will vary based on the investment type offered, location, and other factors. Some companies pay a flat monthly subscription fee, some pay a marketing fee, and several pay a combination of monthly subscription and marketing fees. We may also charge a setup fee. Create an account as an Investment Company and submit some information about your investment offering. We will review and send you more pricing details.


  • Offering must be relevant to our audience
    We only list investment companies with offerings related to real estate and mortgage. Private Lender Link will need to do a complete review of your investment offering. We will request to see all the materials and document that you provide to prospective investors.
  • Basic background check
    We do our best to vet all the companies listed on the site. We will ask for a list of all the company’s principals, and we may do a basic background check on them using public records. If your company is licensed on a state or national level, this will make things easy for us. We will also do an extensive web search on your company, looking at your social media, reviews, etc. Not having a company website and social media profiles will not disqualify you, but it may cause us to ask for additional documents such as photos of the principals, government issued ID’s, photo of your office, references, etc.
  • Signed Contract
    All Investment Companies listed on our platform must sign an agreement. We try to keep it simple and don’t have a ton of legal jargon in our agreement. The agreement must be signed by an authorized individual – principal, owner, counsel, etc. We prefer digital signature for our agreements, but you can also print and sign by hand if you prefer.

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