Private Lender Recommendations

Private Lender Link offers a unique service to help real estate investors and loan brokers connect with reputable direct private lenders (companies). We save you lots of time and effort in your search for private financing.

A personalized service to connect you with reputable direct lenders

When you're seeking private financing, you can waste a lot of time browsing around and trying to figure out which lenders may be the best fit for you, and which ones are reputable. Instead, leverage a trusted source with relationships and knowledge about private lending to connect with a handful of reputable direct lenders. Here are some of the reasons why real estate investors and loan brokers use our recommendations service...

Save lots of time and energy by getting recommended to a few select lenders
We don't blast out your information to lots of lenders; we typically give up to 4 options
We have formed relationships with hundred of lenders over the past 10 years
We have met most private lenders in person and visited their offices
Lenders share their guidelines with us, so we know which ones will consider your loan
Lenders pay us a monthly fee, so there is no cost to you in most cases*

How It Works

We offer a simple and easy process to connect you with direct private lending companies that can fund your deal.

3 lenders viewing a loan request

  • Fill out a short questionnaire about your Loan Request
  • Save the information to your account
  • Click a button to request recommendations from us
  • One of our loan professionals will view your Loan Request
  • We will invite a few select lenders to view your Loan Request
  • Lenders will review the request and indicate if interested or not
  • Lenders will email or call you to further discuss the loan
  • Receive and compare multiple offers
  • Work with a lender directly to close your loan

We don’t get involved in your loan or provide advice. Our role is to simply review your loan request information and connect you with a few lenders. You work with the lenders directly.

What is the fee for this service?

$0. We do not charge any fees for our recommendations services.

Lenders pay a monthly advertising fee, so there is no cost for our recommendations service.

There is one exception...

…which may result in an added cost to the borrower. This occurs when we recommend a lender that is not paying us a monthly fee, but instead, pays us a success fee after closing. The success fee could be a flat amount, but in most cases, it’s a percentage of the lender’s origination fee (points).

The fee amount typically ranges from one quarter to one half of one percent of the loan amount (0.25% to 0.50%), but in some cases it’s 10% to 25% of the lender’s origination fee. The fee percentage varies based on the agreement we have with each lender, and it’s only applicable to business-purpose loans in the states where paying a fee is permitted. Some lender increase their points to cover our success fee, in which case there would be a cost to the borrower for our recommendations service.

The reality is 95% of the recommendations we make are to lenders that are paying us a monthly subscription.

Why use our lender recommendations service?

man excited about getting a loan

  • Leverage a Trust Source
    We have been in the private lending business since 2010 and have relationships with lots of professional private lenders. We know which ones are real lenders, which ones are reputable, and which ones have the capital to fund your loan. Leverage our experience, knowledge and relationships.
  • Save Time
    Without our recommendations service, think about how much time you’d spend browsing lenders websites and reaching out to each one to determine if they’d fund your loan. We save you time by connecting you with a handful of quality lenders that we know will consider your loan.
  • Save Effort
    We encourage you to get multiple quotes, but imagine how much effort it would take to have to explain your loan request over and over again. With our service, you’ll fill out a questionnaire which asks the questions that almost all private lenders would ask. Just provide the information once, and you can update it if needed.

Next Steps

Create an Account
This is optional, but we highly recommend that you create an account first.
Fill Out Questionnaire
Our questionnaire asks all the questions that every private lender would ask you.
Request Recommendations
Be sure to select the Recommendations option at the end of the questionnaire.

Ready to get recommendations?

We look forward to reviewing your loan request and connecting you with some reputable private lending companies.