Connecting Loan Originators with Capital Providers

Private Lender Link has launched a new service to connect private mortgage loan originators with capital sources. We’ve already made a number of these types of connections over the past few years, but we recently made it a formal service offering with additional resources allocated.

Types of capital providers in our network:

  • Private Investment Funds
  • Institutional Note Buyers
  • Family Offices
  • Individual Trust Deed Investors
  • Accredited Mortgage Fund Investors

Here’s how it works for originators and capital providers:

  • Collect information about your needs and preferences
  • Search our database for suitable matches
  • Create a spreadsheet with a list for you to review
  • Confirm which matches you’d like to connect with
  • We’ll reach out to each company to confirm their interest in connecting
  • Schedule a web meeting to introduce both parties
  • Continue the conversation and negotiation without our involvement

If you’re a private/hard money loan origination, reach out to tell us about your capital needs and preferences.

If you’re a capital provider, tell us about your investment criteria and the types of loan originators you’d like to connect with.

Fees for Capital Connections

We charge a one-time flat fee for each introduction, due when the first investment transaction has been completed. The amount typically ranges from $1,000 to $5,000 per connection. The fee varies based on a few different factors.

We generate an invoice when the introduction is made, but the payment would be deferred until the first deal is funded, or the first loan is sold. Depending on the amount, we can offer an option to pay the fee over 3 to 6 months.

Who Pays the Fee?

Loan originators always pay a fee, but we also charge a fee to certain types of capital providers:

  • Private Investment Funds
  • Institutional Note Buyers
  • Family Offices

We do not charge fees to individual trust deed investors or mortgage fund investors, and we do not charge commissions for any securities transactions.

Exception for California Investments
Since we are licensed by the California Department of Real Estate, we are permitted to charge a referral/finders fee for mortgage trust deed investments secured by property in the state of California.


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Rocky Butani


Since 2010, Rocky has made a big effort to establish and maintain relationships with many people in the private mortgage industry - lenders, brokers, investors and service providers. He enjoys his role as a marketer and connector for everything related to private/hard money lending.

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