HardMoneyHome.com provides information for over 1,000 private lenders throughout the country, along with reviews, contact information, publicly-listed rates and terms, example loan scenarios, and more. Our site is a 100% free resource for prospective borrowers seeking private financing for real estate investment projects. We are not a lender and we do not originate loans. Our aim is to list all institutional hard money lenders operating within the United States so borrowers can find the best rates and terms to meet their individual needs. Our website provides un-biased information for over 1,000 private lenders throughout the country, along with reviews, contact information, publicly-listed rates and terms, example loan scenarios, and more. While our goal is to help streamline the private lending process, we do not directly facilitate loans. All loan rates and terms should be negotiated directly between the borrower and lender.

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Lenders can use our website to get connected with prospective borrowers looking for the types of loan products they offer:

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Borrowers and Mortgage Brokers can use our website to locate private lenders to help finance their real estate projects:

  • Browse our directory of over 1,000 private lenders for free
  • Contact any lender directly using the phone number and/or website listed for their profile
  • Request comparison rates through our network of trusted lending partners
  • Write reviews for lenders you have worked or invested with
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HardMoneyHome.com seeks to streamline the process of obtaining private money loans for real estate investors. The company was founded in 2016 by Ryan Patterson, a long-time real estate investor and private hard money fund manager. Ryan noticed that there was a serious information gap in the private lending market, where rates and terms varied greatly from lender to lender and feedback on lending companies was nearly non-existent. He also realized that because the laws governing hard money lending are so different from state to state, it was often difficult to make heads or tails out of potential loan scenarios.

HardMoneyHome.com solves these problems in a comprehensive way. First, we have created the largest directory of private lenders on the Internet, with over 1,000 listings operating in all 50 states. Second, we have built the first free-to-the-public rating and review system for hard money lenders. Third, we have developed the most complete repository of hard money lending information anywhere, including state guides to private lending legal issues and regulations, thousands of example loan scenarios, and detailed articles explaining every element of the hard money lending process.

HardMoneyHome.com is designed to empower private money real estate borrowers. We have created the largest directory of hard money lenders anywhere on the Internet, along with reviews, informative articles, and the latest industry news. Whether you need a hard money loan, fix and flip rehab loan, commercial real estate loan, bridge loan, investment property loan, construction loan, or even want to refinance an existing loan, this is the only source you need. HardMoneyHome.com lets you compare rates, review lenders, and contact them directly or use our loan advising service to help you get the best rates and terms available for your real estate project. Our service is and will always be 100% free for prospective borrowers or those who want to use our guides and tools as resources.

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Ryan Patterson

President & CEO

Ryan Patterson has over a decade of real estate experience in multiple capacities - as an investor, as a builder, and as a private money lender. He has personally issued over $30 million in private money loans over the past 10+ years and has developed an outstanding reputation for integrity and efficiency with his borrowers. He is also highly experienced in the world of Internet marketing and SEO. As the co-founder of All Web Leads, he helped turn a small two-man operation into a $100 million+ company in just a few years. With his combined skill set in digital asset development and real estate lending, he brings a unique level of knowledge to the hard money lending industry.

Lori Thomas Patterson

Director of Marketing and Operations

Shawn Patterson

Director of Business Development