From beginning to end, the Hasz Companies are here to provide you with quality services for your construction projects.

The Hasz Companies offer a full-service disbursement tracking system and inspections to mid-sized and large construction lenders nationwide. We combine the current effectiveness of our existing disbursement tracking system with the convenience of escrow-funds and voucher payments. Our fully dedicated inspection team provides accurate and detailed reports on the status of your properties along with cost breakdown percentages. Fully licensed, bonded, and insured, the Hasz Companies will provide construction lenders with the confidence of knowing that their funds held in trust are safe and secure.

Our current staff of over 40 employees allows us to provide numerous services to our clients, including Nationwide Lenders, Hard Money Lenders, SBA and Owner Builders. Our services include:

  • Construction Progress Inspections
  • Collateral Asset Inspections
  • Fund Control
  • Cost Analysis
  • Project Feasibility
  • Cost-to-Complete

This applies to Single Family Units, Multi Family Units, Commercial, and Industrial.

Progress Inspections

Hasz Companies ensure projects reach completion smoothly with diligent loan funding, including:

  • Draw Inspection
  • Progression Inspections
  • Fund Disbursement

For Construction Progress Inspections, Hasz Companies Inspectors regularly review the jobsites and provide the Lenders with pictures of current progress, reports of the construction cost breakdown, and notes detailing site conditions, job progress, staff on site, and materials stored.

Collateral Asset Inspections

Hasz Companies Inspectors help maintain the value of asset investments by providing the Lenders with annual inspections and reports on the condition of their asset properties.

Funds Disbursement Tracking Systems

Direct Payment Voucher

  • Hasz Companies manage disbursements with the Lender upon receipt of Payment Vouchers and Invoices.
  • Funds are paid directly to all subcontractors and material suppliers.

Class A (AIA)

  • Hasz Companies manage the disbursements with the Lender and fund directly to the General Contractor.
  • Invoices and Releases, that the General Contractor is billing on, are collected by Hasz Companies and a log is kept to ensure that all subcontractors are being paid.


The Hasz Companies have been successfully navigating Lenders, Borrowers, and General Contractors through the construction fund control process and inspection process for over 30 years. We pride ourselves not only in providing the best service to our clients but also the professionalism and expertise to ensure a continuous level of excellence through each project. We service our Lenders with conventional and SBA loans nationwide. Our services include Residential, Multifamily properties, Commercial, and Industrial properties. Hasz Companies are fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

Started in 1986 by a senior construction loan officer at a major Los Angeles Community Bank, who was previously a general contractor, Chuck Hasz saw the need for progressive lender-based inspection services and construction loan tracking system. Today the Hasz Companies can provide services related to all types of construction projects and much more:

  • SBA Fund Control and Disbursement
  • Cost-to-Complete Projects
  • Inspections for Projects over $5M
  • Property Inspections

With Hasz Companies, the process is safe, easy, reliable, and fast. SERF with Hasz!

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  • National Association of Government Guaranteed Lenders
  • Independent Community Bankers of America
  • California Bankers Association

Office Locations

Hasz Companies
20635 Ventura Blvd., Suite A & B, Woodland Hills, CA 91364


  • Fund Control
  • Inspection

Real Estate Sectors

  • Residential Investment Real Estate
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Private Mortgage Lending
  • Business Lending

Customer Types

  • Commercial Property Investors
  • Residential Property Investors
  • Small Business Owners
  • Small Business Lenders
  • Homeowners

Mark Emmons

President, Hasz Companies

Mark Emmons has been expertly leading lender-based inspection services and construction loan tracking systems for over 20 years. His innovation has expanded the company’s legacy into the nationwide Hasz Companies. He is licensed with California General Contractors, International Conference of Building Officials, and Lien Law. Mr. Emmons also served four years in the United States Navy, an experience that has added to his discipline and dedication as the team leader of Hasz Companies.

Michal Mozaryn

Vice President, Hasz Companies

Rayna Glenwinkel

Vice President, Hasz Companies