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3 Simple Reason to Choose LendingOne:

  • Thousands of investors trust us each year
  • Great Rates, High Leverage, Low Fees
  • Excellent customer service from a dedicated advisor

Please Note: We do not provide loans for vacant land or owner-occupied homes.

Property Geographic Area Details

Nationwide except AK, NV, ND, SD

Loan Amounts

$75,000 to $50,000,000

Interest Rates

3.75% to 10%

Max Loan-To-Value


Max Loan-To-Cost


Origination Fees

1% to 2%

Loan Terms

12 months to 360 months

Lien Position

  • 1st

Loan Purpose

  • Investment Acquisition
  • Investment Refinance
  • Improve Subject Property
  • Use Equity to Invest in Another Property
  • Value Add Project
  • Development Project

Property Occupancy

  • Vacant
  • Tenant Occupied 100%
  • Tenant Occupied Partial
Minimum Occupancy Percentage


Property Types and Loan Types

Collateral Types

  • Residential Property

Property Types

  • 2-4 Units Residential
  • Condominium
  • Mixed-Use
  • Multifamily
  • Portfolio of Residential Properties
  • Single Family Residence

Loan Types

  • Private Money
  • Hard Money
  • Residential Bridge
  • Commercial Property Value Add
  • Residential Fix and Flip
  • Residential Rehab and Rent
  • Commercial Ground-Up Construction
  • Residential Ground-Up Construction
  • Residential Long-Term Rental

Specialty Loan Types

  • Residential Long-Term Rental
  • Line of Credit Single Property
  • Line of Credit Portfolio of Properties

Purchase Loan

Max Loan-To-Purchase Price


Borrower Must Have Property Under Contract


Will Provide Proof of Funds Letter


Will Consider Lending on Purchase from Auction


Allowed Source of Borrower’s Equity

  • Own Cash
  • Partner
  • Equity in Subject Property
  • Equity in Another Investment Property

Rehab Value Add Loan

Experience Required


Minimum Number of Value-Add Projects Completed by Borrower


Will Provide Funds for Renovation Costs


Max LTC for Renovation Costs


Interest Charged for Renovation Costs

Only on Funds Drawn

Typical Number of Days for Funds Draw


Maximum After Repair Value


Construction Loan

Construction loan amounts range from $500K to $5M, with terms up to 24 months. Negotiable release prices on multi-asset projects, and interest reserves can be built in.

Development Experience Required


Minimum Number of Ground-Up Construction Projects Completed by Borrower


Max LTC for Ground-Up Construction Costs


Interest Charged for Construction Costs

Only on Funds Drawn

Will Lend on Partially Completed Construction Projects


Residential Long-Term Rental

Loan term is 30 years Fixed or a 3-5-7 year ARM. No seasoning requirements, Minimum FICO score: 620. Prepayment Penalty: 2 years (80% of 6 months interest). No servicing fee, no escrow.

Minimum Loan Amount


Maximum Loan Amount


Minimum Interest Rate


Maximum Interest Rate


Minimum Origination Fee


Maximum Origination Fee


Minimum Loan Term

24 months

Maximum Loan Term

360 months

Maximum Loan-To-Value


Maximum Loan-To-Purchase


Seasoning Time

3 months

Minimum Debt Service Coverage Ratio


Will Lend on a Portfolio of Rentals


Minimum Number of Properties


Maximum Number of Properties


Minimum Property Value


Maximum Property Value


Details and Requirements

Typical Closing Time (Days)


Fastest Closing Time (Days)


Works With

  • Brokers
  • Borrowers

Payment Structure

  • Interest Only
  • Amortized
  • Interest Reserve

Pre Payment Penalty


For long-term rental loans - 3,2,1 -PPP

Will lend to a foreign national


Will Allow Junior Position Mortgage(s) Behind Our Senior Mortgage


Will Consider Collateralizing Multiple Properties in One Loan


Will Consider Equity Joint Venture


Borrower Entity Types Considered

  • LLC
  • Limited Partnership
  • Trust
  • Corporation

Documentation Required

  • Credit Report
  • Bank Statements
  • Loan Application

Personal Guaranty (Recourse) Required

We offer non-recourse

Credit Check Required


Minimum Credit Score Required


Appraisal Required for Residential Property


Broker Price Opinion (BPO) Accepted for Residential Property



Legal Fee

$695 for Deals under $1,000,000

Exit Fee

No exit fee

Appraisal Fee

Single Family- $450, 2-4 Units- $550, Commercial multi-family and mixed-use - Bid

Renovation Construction Draw Fee

$150 per Draw

Fees which are mandatory for all new borrower clients

  • Appraisal Fee

Fees which are charged upfront prior to loan closing

  • Legal Fee
  • Appraisal Fee

Fees which are paid to a third party company

  • Appraisal Fee
  • Renovation or Construction Funds Draw Fee

Legal Disclaimer

LendingOne, LLC serves as the originating entity for all loans and is licensed under NMLS ID # 1508627, Arizona Mortgage Banker License # BK-0944181, California Finance Lender License # 60DBO-58915, Minnesota Residential Mortgage Originator License # MN-MO-1508627, Oregon Mortgage Lenders License # 5529 and Vermont Commercial Lender License # 1508627 CLL. LendingOne, LLC currently does not lend in the following states: Alaska, Nevada, North Dakota, South Dakota and Utah. LendingOne, LLC is licensed or exempt from licensing in all other states. Loans only apply to residential, non-owner occupied properties. Rates, terms and conditions offered only to qualified borrowers, may vary upon loan product, deal structure, property state or other applicable considerations, and are subject to change at any time without notice, shall only constitute a general, non-binding expression of interest on the part of LendingOne, LLC, do not create any legally binding commitment or obligation on the part of LendingOne, LLC, and are expressly subject to LendingOne, LLC’s credit, legal and investment approval process. Closing times are in business days and commence upon receipt of appraisal payment and satisfaction of borrower conditions. Closing times may be delayed due to appraiser property access limitations or availability in certain markets.

Additional Details

* Our loans are subject to business and investor credit approval, geographic, appraisal and other underwriting requirements.

Rental Loans built for Landlords

RentalOne loans can provide the cash you need to grow your rental portfolio. Benefits include:

  • Refinance, cash-out or purchase loans from $75K to $5 million.
  • 30-Year Fixed-Rate and 5-Year ARMs
  • Flexible loan options designed for your buy and hold strategy
  • Industry best rates and leverage
  • Dedicated Loan Advisor

Advantages of RentalOne Loans

  • No hurdles – a very user-friendly and streamlined process
  • Approval based on the Property Cashflow and not your tax returns
  • Recycle your capital quicker. Minimal seasoning requirements*
  • Closings in weeks instead of months
  • Protect your assets by borrowing in a corporate entity

Fix-Flip & Fix to Rent Loans

LendingOne bridge loans can provide the leverage on both your purchase and repairs that you need to grow your real estate portfolio . Benefits include:

  • Up to 90% of your Purchase and Repairs*.
  • Receive Financing in as little as a week
  • Build a trusted partnership with one lender for all your properties
  • Strategic planning to help scale your business

Advantages of our Fix and Flip Loans

  • No hurdles – flexible loan options designed to meet your strategic needs
  • Fix to Rent (BRRR) friendly lender – easy options to convert to Rental loans
  • Up to 24 months interest only terms
  • No pre-payment penalty

Portfolio Rental Loans

For real estate investors interested in financing rental portfolio deals of 5 properties or more, consider our portfolio rental loans. Investors have the option of either recourse or non-recourse portfolio loans when they apply. Experience the benefits of combining multiple rental deals into one loan for either new purchases, rate and term refinances, or cash-out refinances.

RentalOne Portfolio Loan

For investors with portfolios looking for the longest term possible with more prepayment flexibility.

  • Rates starting at 4.25%
  • 30-Year Fixed Rate Term and 5/1
  • 30-Year Amortizations
  • Max LTV: Up to 75% of the stabilized value
  • Minimum $500K to Maximum $2M

Portfolio Pro Loan

For investors with larger portfolios looking for the best rate possible and non-recourse options.

  • Rates starting at 3.75%
  • 5 and 10-Year Fixed Rate
  • 30-Year Amortizations or Interest Only
  • Max LTV: Up to 75% Purchase/Refinance
  • Minimum $1M to Maximum $50M

Additional Terms for All Portfolio Rental Loans

  • Allowable Transactions: Purchase, Rate/Term Refinance, Cash-Out Refinance
  • Eligible Properties: Single Family Residence, 2-4 Unit Properties, PUDs, Condos (with restrictions) and Townhomes
  • Eligible Borrowers: LLC and Corporations. Sponsor: US Citizens and Permanent Resident Alien, Foreign Nationals w/ restrictions.

Multifamily Bridge Loans

For sponsors interested in a reliable source of financing for their apartment buildings, our loans provide the flexibility and certainty to execute on their value-add projects.

  • Loan Amounts: Minimum $1MM to Maximum $15MM
  • Eligible Transactions: Purchase, recapitalization, refinance (Including Cash Out), upgrades and/or seasoning
  • Max LTV: Up to 70% of the stabilized value
  • Rate: Starting from 5.99%
  • Minimum Occupancy: 70% (lower in some instances)
  • Points: Determined by the property, sponsor, and loan
  • Closings: In as little as 20 business days
  • Amortization: Interest Only (No interest charged on undispersed funds)
  • Loan Term: 12-36 Months
  • Guarantee: Non-Recourse and Recourse Options
  • Eligible Properties: Any Apartments 5 Units (Per door minimum $50K)

Advantages of our Multifamily Bridge Loans

  • Specialize in value-add projects
  • Fast closings in as little as 20 business days
  • No DSCR Minimum required at purchase
  • Flexible loan structures that often are for agency misses, lease-up or turn-around stories

New Construction Loans

Perfect for real estate investors, builders, and developers seeking competitive financing for the acquisition, development, or construction of ground-up projects.

Loan Terms

  • Loans from $500k to $5M
  • 12-24 Month Term – Interest Only
  • Spec development allowed
  • Redevelopment, conversion and condo loans also permitted
  • Negotiable release prices on multi-asset projects
  • Interest Reserves can be built in
  • Nationwide Footprint
  • Fast approvals and funding since we are a non-bank
  • Eligible Properties: Single-family detached, condos, townhomes, multi-family

Advantages of our New Construction Loan

  • Competitive financing and loan terms
  • Fast approvals and closings for ground-up projects
  • Interest only loans

LendingOne, is a direct self-funded private mortgage lending company. We are based in Florida but have branch offices in New York City and Philadelphia as well as sales offices in Chicago and Atlanta.

In 2014, Bill Green and Matthew Neisser founded LendingOne in response to their frustrations felt towards the banks’ disinterest in providing funding for investors and the unreliability and overly expensive reality of hard money lenders. With Mr. Green’s skills and experience in creating world-class organizations, coupled with Mr. Neisser’s background in technology and finance, LendingOne was born.

As a direct private real estate lender, LendingOne was created to focus on the customer first and foremost, with the overall goal of providing them with a faster and easier way to apply and receive approval for their loans so their real estate investments can grow.

LendingOne is part of the Crestar Group. The Crestar Group of Companies is comprised of private equity, specialty finance, real estate and asset management businesses. Each of our businesses takes pride in delivering a full range of capabilities to meet the needs of our investors, partners and customers through our experience and operational expertise.

We are committed to putting all of our stakeholders at the heart of our business, developing and maintaining long-standing relationships based on trust while each of our associates is expected to observe our corporate social and ethical responsibilities.

Our experienced management team truly understands the real estate business and has taken an investor-friendly approach to the lending business. We are self-funded, allowing us to move quickly and finance your project using 100% of our own capital.

With our proprietary technology, we have streamlined the real estate lending process. At the click of a button, you can be pre-qualified for our competitive rates. Pre-Qualify online 24 hours a day, seven days a week and we will get you to the closing table in as little as ten days.

Our Mission

LendingOne’s mission is to make the overall process of applying and receiving loans for real estate investors quicker and more reliable by focusing on real estate, technology and superior customer service. Proven to be the most reliable National lender for Fix and Flip and 30 Year Investment Property Financing.


NMLS ID 1508627, CFL Lic. 60DBO-58915

Company Size (Number of Employees)


Year Established


Office Locations

901 Yamato Road, Suite 150, Boca Raton, Florida 33431

14555 Dallas Pkwy, Dallas, TX 75254

Primary Capital Source

  • Own Funds
  • Debt Fund We Manage
  • Bank Credit Line

Alternative Capital Sources

  • Own Funds
  • Bank Credit Line
  • Private Equity Funds
  • Hedge Funds

Loan Structure for Majority of Loans

  • Own Balance Sheet

Alternative Loan Structures

  • Own Balance Sheet

Percentage of company’s lending business focused on private mortgage


Bill Green

Chief Executive Officer

Matt Neisser

President / Chief Operating Officer

Jaime Arouh

VP Capital Markets

Josh Marcus

Corporate Counsel

So it isn’t like you just deal with one person and then you’re left in the dark. That is one good thing I liked about working with LendingOne. Everyone was very helpful through the whole process.

Naveen S.

New Jersey Investor

I want to thank you for the excellent processing and closing of this loan. I have dealt with many many lenders in my life for purchase and refinance loans, but this has been one of the best experiences, and absolutely the best purchase loan transaction we have ever had. Thanks once again and we really look forward to working with you and LendingOne again soon.


I just wanted to say thanks again for working hard to get me the loans on my two rental properties in Louisiana. I was able to use that money to buy and flip a really nice home here in Richardson, TX. You guys made it possible!!

Jeremy C.

Having only dealt with banks, I was unaware that any lender could be as flexible as LendingOne. Time to close was so fast that I was able to convert from an all-cash deal to financing in a matter of days.

David H.

New Jersey Investor

Just wanted to thank you for another very smooth and successful closing of our new term and rate loan. As with our previous LendingOne loans your team is professional and very proactive to make it happen as scheduled.

Stephen U.

LendingOne has the whole package: responsiveness, ease of use, knowledge, and competitive rates.

Mark S.

Chicago Investor

We felt that they were real knowledgeable people, it wasn’t just an online lending portal. We closed two weeks earlier than our contract. We anticipate doing 7-10 fix-n-flips a year with LendingOne.

Jody and Stephen

Indiana Investors

I just wanted to say thanks again for working hard to get me the loans on my two rental properties in Louisiana. I was able to use that money to buy and flip a really nice home here in Richardson, TX. You guys made it possible!!

Stefan and Kim

Virginia Investors

Having the entire process online is very convenient and user friendly. I would definitely recommend LendingOne. The knowledge base of the loan specialist, his professional guidance on the project from pre-approval to closing went very smoothly.


New Jersey Investor

Just wanted to let you know that we got the house under contract last night for 335k, 10k over asking before it even hit the market! People have been starting to follow our work and design style and know about our houses before they even hit the market. Just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work to get this house bought a few months ago. We wouldn’t have been able to do this 125k profit flip without your help! Looking forward to doing another deal soon.

Chris S.

The one-on conversations with my loan specialist versus a number cruncher who has no true insights of what a investor really needs and is going through, made a huge difference.Spot-on appraisals and no low ball BPOs allowed for smooth closing. I plan to do 3-5 fix-n-flips a year and will use LendingOne to help me grow my business.

Jess L.

Before You Contact Us

Our Minimum Loan Amount Is


What We Do

  • Bridge, Rental, Flip, Construction
  • Residential & Multifamily Properties
  • Large Rental Portfolios
  • Up to 90% LTP - 10%+ Cash Required

Not Available

  • NO Owner-Occupied Homes
  • NO 100% Financing
  • NO Rural Areas
  • NO Commercial Properties except Multifamily

Loan Request

Short Description of your Loan Request or Property Address

This information is about yourself, not the subject property.


At the end of the form you can enter the additional properties.

(temp use, storage, billboard, parking, etc.)


If Borrower is not seeking additional funds for the renovation, change the Loan Type to Purchase or Acquisition.


(temp use, storage, billboard, parking, etc.)


If Borrower is not seeking additional funds for the renovation, change the Loan Type to Purchase or Acquisition.


how will the loan be paid off?


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