Email Blasts to Mortgage Brokers

Priority One Marketing offers a very unique marketing service to private hard money lenders that target mortgage brokers for deal flow.

  • Over 150,000 contacts nationally
    • Commercial Mortgage Brokers
    • Consumer Mortgage Brokers
    • Loan Officers
    • Bankers
  • Target the whole country, time zones, or specific states
  • We utilize whitelisted servers
  • 90%+ deliverability

When done right emailing is an excellent way to advertise your products. We focus on maintaining a clean, targeted list of Mortgage Professionals (with consistent efforts to keep it updated, i.e.. scrubbing old addresses and adding new contacts).

Timely, repetitive campaigns without over-sending. No fictitious advertising – quality Mortgage Industry/business related messages sent in a reasonable but repetitive manner results in educating the Industry about your products. This is generally referred to as Branding – it reminds people that you are available and ready with solutions for them.

We recommend a once per month campaign schedule.

What makes us different

We do not use your advertisement to promote our services, your Campaigns go out displaying YOUR company Name and YOUR Subject line as well as only your Ad content (not a banner Ad mixed in with other’s materials).

When deploying out to a large audience, if the recipients just view your Company Name and Subject, that in itself is powerful – it can help all of your other marketing efforts through name recognition.

You get our experience included at n/c – Your success = ours. Over 20 years of experience directly targeted to the Mortgage Industry.

We answer the phone! Need help, have questions – expect us to answer the phone or expeditiously return your call.

Call or email us for custom quotes based on your target area or licensed states. Zone marketing also available (West Coast, East Coast or Central U.S.)

Our “No Smoke” promise
We will give you our best and honest opinion on whether your product will be well-suited for email marketing to the Mortgage Industry. Sometimes a gimmicky product or “me too” offering just isn’t going to cut it – we only want your business if you are successful, happy and long term. So rest assured we will give you honest feedback.