Self-Directed IRA Services for Real Estate Investors

Quest Trust Company makes investing fun while putting the control back in your hands!

Quest is the premier Self-Directed IRA custodian that administers IRAs for the purpose of investing in alternative investments, like real estate, notes, oil and gas, private placements, and more. With a SDIRA, you have the ability to diversify your investment portfolio and choose from the broadest possible spectrum of investments, including those not traded on a stock exchange. You get to make all the decisions about your financial future, and our staff will provide expert account administration, the latest online features, and excellent transaction support services all along the way. We also offer top Self-Directed IRA education from our certified IRA specialists in our Education Center, where you can watch videos, join webinars, and read latest blogs.

Self-Directed Account Types

At Quest Trust Company, we offer 7 different types of retirement saving accounts, all of which can be self-directed into real estate and other private investments.

Traditional IRA
With the Traditional IRA, your earnings grow tax-deferred! Only pay taxes when you make withdrawals from the account.

Roth IRA
The Roth IRA is a special retirement account where you have the ability to grow your profits completely tax-free!

This self-directed tax-deferred account can be great for self-employed individuals, allowing a tax deduction for contributions made to a SEP IRA!

Simple IRA
A SIMPLE IRA is an employer-sponsored retirement plan designed specifically for small businesses, giving employees and employers a simple way to contribute and grow this account!

Health Savings Account (HSA)
Get the best of both worlds with an HSA, with the ability to get tax-deductions on contributions and tax-free distributions for qualified medical expenses!

Coverdell Education Savings Account (ESA)
Education isn’t cheap, but with a Coverdell ESA you can earn tax-free distributions on countless qualified educational expenses as you self-directed this account!

Solo 401(k)
With the extra benefits that come with this self-employed account, like checkbook control and more freedoms, many people are eager to learn how to get started – just make sure you qualify!

Why choose Quest as your IRA custodian?

  • 24-48 Hour Funding Times
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Latest Online Features
  • Expert Staff

What Can a Certified Quest IRA Specialist Offer you?

  • Complimentary personalized 1-on-1 consultations.
  • Investment strategy education that opens opportunities to diversify your portfolio.
  • Highly trained Certified IRA Specialists with years of training and investing experience.
  • World-famous customer service with 24-48 hour turnaround times.

With over 18,000 happy clients nationwide, Quest Trust Company prides itself on only administering account fees that provide our clients with the best value for the outstanding level of the service provided.

Quest Trust Company processes everything from setting up your account to funding an investment in just 24-48 hours, and without the dreaded expedited funding fees. You’ll also never have to deal with automated systems, with over 35 certified IRA services professionals ready to answer your questions. Experience the difference with a Self-Directed IRA at Quest Trust Company.


DISCLAIMER: Quest Trust Company does not render tax, legal, accounting, investment, or other professional advice. If tax, legal, accounting, investment, or other similar expert assistance is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought.

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The Quest Trust Company corporate headquarter is located in Houston, Texas, however we administer client’s accounts from across the nation, with offices in Dallas and Austin, TX. We opened our doors in early 2003, and have since developed into one of the leading Self-Directed IRA custodians in the nation. With over 20,000 satisfied clients, we pride ourselves as having “world famous customer service.”

Quest Trust Company administers IRAs for the purpose of investing in “alternative” investments, including real estate, notes, oil and gas, and private placements, just to name a few of the almost endless investment possibilities. All of the accounts offered at Quest Trust Company are Self-Directed, meaning you get to make the decisions and our staff will provide expert account administration and transaction support services. We like to say that our best clients are the most educated clients, so in an effort to help you make the best investment decisions, we offer several educational weekly classes in our offices and online. In addition, each month Quest holds many presentations, workshops and seminars across the U.S. to educate people on the benefits of Self-Directed IRA investing and allow for excellent networking opportunities.

Not all Self-Directed IRA custodians are the same, so make sure to choose the company that will not only help you succeed in saving for your retirement, but will make the journey fun. Join Quest Trust Company, and invest in what you know best.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to deliver an unparalleled customer experience that caters to your needs. In order to meet those expectations, we provide free educational seminars, inclusive networking events, and a positive atmosphere. This avid sense of direction stems from what we maintain to be the foundation of our company- our employees. Here we believe in cultivating a philosophy that fosters innovation, integrity, and hospitality. By maintaining that ambitious sense of purpose, it allows us to engage competitively in any market for not only ourselves, but for you, too. For that reason, we here at Quest Trust Company hold true that you, our customers, are the incentive.

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