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We’re a boutique real estate law firm for one simple reason. Our size allows us to solve complex legal problems without forsaking the core values our company was founded on—to offer a select group of clientele in Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama an exceedingly high level of customer service long lost on most of our profession. If you seek residential and commercial closings, leasing, mortgage default, loss mitigation, bankruptcy, landlord/tenant, and all facets of real estate and title litigation, we’re the firm for you.

Residential Real Estate Closings

Our personalized touch combined with a commitment to quality service and efficient business processes sets us apart from the rest. Our progressive, flexible approach and technological capabilities allow us to customize your experience to suit your needs. Clients appreciate our creative and innovative approach toward resolving and/or eliminating impediments to closing. They also enjoy having a single point of contact on staff and an attorney available at all times to answer their questions.

We can conduct closings in the following languages: English, Spanish, Mandarin, Russian and Romanian

Our Residential Closing Fees

Settlement Fee: $550.00
Full Title Exam Fee: $225.00; Title Update Fee: $125 (if needed)
Binder Fee (loans only): $100.00
Wire/Overnight: $35

If convenience is paramount – ask about our MOBILE CLOSING SERVICES!

Commercial Real Estate Closings

All of the expertise and personalized service without the big firm cost. Contact us to schedule a consultation regarding any of the following:

  • Draft, negotiate, and review commercial purchase and sale agreements, lease agreements, easements, secured lending documents, or other commercial real estate documents.
  • Refinance existing debt secured by commercial property.
  • Acquisition & Development.
  • Builder construction loans and subsequent closing for new homes.
  • Tax deferred exchanges.
  • Commercial title examinations and title insurance.

Foreclosure Services

  • We perform both residential and commercial foreclosures in Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama with tailored representation for the largest national servicers and banks all the way down to individual investors.
  • We generally employ a non-judicial method of foreclosure, and if provided with sufficient information at referral, we can bring a property all the way to sale in 40-60 days.
  • Although rare, title issues, bankruptcy filings or other impediments can affect the process, but we are well equipped to handle such impediments and get things back on track toward a final disposition for our client.
  • At each stage, our process is designed to mitigate our clients’ losses, whether by achieving a pre-foreclosure loss mitigation alternative or by maximizing the chances that a property will be sold to a third party at foreclosure sale for the highest possible price.
  • We welcome the opportunity to handle your foreclosure matter. Please be certain to contact us regarding all of the documentation required to complete the foreclosure action on your behalf in compliance with all federal and state laws.

State of the art, customized case management system assures compliance with all legal requirements as well as client specific directives. We can adapt on the fly as the system is constantly maintained by a dedicated internal IT team. We have our dedicated attorneys reviewing your matter at every critical stage leading up to and after the sale.

Bankruptcy Legal Services

  • Our practice includes protecting the interests of our creditor clients in high volume routine consumer matters as well sophisticated commercial bankruptcy matters and complex bankruptcy litigation.
  • We are equipped to handle issues relating to claims secured by real property, personal property (i.e. motor vehicles, etc.), judgement liens and even unsecured claims.
  • Routine consumer representation services include: Proof of Claims, Plan Reviews, Objections to Confirmation, Motions for Relief, Supplements to Proof of Claims, Notices of Mortgage Payment Change, Notices of Postpetition Mortgage Fees, Expenses and Charges, as well as Responses to Notice of Final Cure and Reaffirmation Agreements.
  • Non-Routine consumer representation includes : Actions against Abusive and/or Serial Filers, Defense of Objections to Claim, Defense of Cram Downs/Lien Strips and Adversary Proceedings.
  • Commercial Representation includes: Cash Collateral Orders, Motions to Assume or Reject Leases, Review of Disclosure Statements and Plans, Objections to Disclosure Statements and Chapter 11 Plans and sophisticated Preferential and Fraudulent Transfer litigation.

We employ state of the art technology to ensure all required court and investor time frames are met. From our automated proprietary case management system to the near constant review and monitoring by our experienced team of attorneys, we assure your rights will be protected throughout the bankruptcy proceeding.


Big Firm Experience Without the Big Firm Price Tag

  • Peter L. Lublin has over 25 years’ experience litigating and trying cases for various lenders and title companies; Partner Tenise Cook has 10 years’ experience and oversees the title curative group.
  • A robust group also consisting of 7 hand-selected associate attorneys and 7 paralegals.
  • Significant experience handling substantive and complex litigation for lenders, loan servicers, title insurance companies and their insured’s, and commercial real estate companies.
  • In co-counsel situations, lender in-house counsel and their large national law firms have recognized us as experts and trusted partners and not just a local presence.
  • Our title curative group specializes in clearing title compliant with GSE and HUD/VA specifications, avoiding costly penalties and reconveyances often assessed against our clients.
  • For our title company clients, we pursue and defend cases involving contract disputes, lien priority issues and quiet title actions as well as actions to recover losses.
  • In the bankruptcy arena, we litigate lien avoidance and preference actions, actions involving our clients’ security interests, as well as state and federal claims related to the residential lending and servicing industry.

Our combined experience ensures there is very little we haven’t seen when it comes to real estate and title litigation. This allows us to take the most cost-effective approach in resolving and managing cases for our clients. We are often praised for our creativity and ingenuity, leading to quicker (and cheaper) resolutions for our clientele.

Title Examination and Title Curative

While we recognize that title review can be a very tedious process, a strong title team is a necessity for a successful real estate practice. Our group has the capacity to review a high volume of titles without sacrificing quality.

  • Spot more issues upfront
  • Use creativity to resolve issues more cost effectively than our competitors
  • Fast and cheaper overall than the title claims process
  • Offer flat fee options on title curative for cost certainty on many commonly seen issues
  • Experience working for most of the major title companies in our states
  • Resolve even the most complex issues encountered

Title Commitments and Title Opinions

We provide title commitments and title opinions for commercial and residential real estate matters. We will need a full title examination and one of our title attorneys will review prior to issuing the commitment or opinion.

Title Insurance

Through our title agencies, Rubin Lublin can provide owners and lenders title insurance policies for clients. See our closing resources page for a link to the title insurance rates.



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Our Mission
Provide an almost forgotten level of personal service to the clients who trust us to resolve their legal issues. Do it professionally, swiftly, and cost effectively.

The RL Advantage

Where we came from very much defines who we are today.

Formed in April, 2009, Rubin Lublin, LLC (RL) represents the vision of two of Atlanta’s preeminent real estate attorneys. Glen Rubin and Peter Lublin began working together in Atlanta in the early ‘90s. Glen and Peter have enjoyed great success and honed their reputations on a national level.

As they grew professionally and the real estate industry advanced technologically, they witnessed a shift away from the personalization, attention to detail, and professionalism that were hallmarks of the real estate industry in which they grew up. By the late 2000s, firms were measured by their capacity to handle larger and larger volumes of legal work and their ability to deliver faster and faster returns—not by the quality of their legal work and service to the client.

Rather than ride the wave, they built a firm centered around a return to their core values of personalized service and professional results. They employ more attorneys than their market share would dictate and develop them better than their competitors. At RL, they have attorneys reviewing files at more key points in the process. As a result, they spot and address more issues, minimizing exposure to liability and ultimately producing more cost savings for their clients.

At RL, quality legal work and client service always come first. We serve clients with respect, while achieving swift, cost-effective, and legally sound results. That’s the RL Advantage, and we think you’ll appreciate the RL Advantage once you see it in action.

Year Established


Office Locations

Georgia Office
3145 Avalon Ridge Place, Suite 100, Peachtree Corners, Georgia 30071

Tennessee Office
119 S. Main Street,Suite 500, Memphis, Tennessee 38103

Mississippi Office
428 North Lamar Blvd, Suite 107, Oxford, Mississippi 38655

Alabama Office
200 Clinton Avenue West, Suite 406, Huntsville, Alabama 35801

  • Foreclosure
  • Title Curative
  • Title Insurance
  • Bankruptcy Law
  • Litigation
  • Loan Closing
Real Estate Sectors
  • Residential Owner-Occupied Real Estate
  • Commercial Real Estate
Customer Types
  • Private Mortgage Lenders
  • Mortgage Lenders
  • Note Investors

Our Team

Glen D. Rubin

Managing Partner

Peter L. Lublin

Senior Partner

Lisa F. Caplan


Victor Kang


Tenise C. Chung


Bret J Chaness


Jane Woll

Director of Client Relations/Business Development

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Rubin Lublin, LLC pays us to be listed, so there is no fee to connect. Share your loan request, send a simple email, call, or visit their website.

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