Purchase, Refinance, Equity Cash Out Loans for California Real Estate

  • Line of Credit option available
  • 1st or 2nd Lien Position
  • Residential and Commercial Property
  • Owner-Occupied Homes OK if loan for business purpose

Stonecrest Financial, founded 30 years ago, is a private money mortgage fund located in Silicon Valley. We offer short-term private money financing to real estate investors throughout California . We have underwriting committee meetings every evening and will be able to give you a quick answer on your loan request. We underwrite to combined loan-to-value, story and exit strategy. We are the direct decision maker for our funds, and we can close in as quickly as one week.

Property Geographic Area Details
Most counties in California except rural areas.
Loan Amounts
$250,000 to $10,000,000
Interest Rates
7.49% to 10.49%
Loan Terms
3 months to 36 months
Origination Fees
1.5% to 3%
Lien Position
1st, 2nd
Collateral Types
  • Residential Property
  • Commercial Property
Loan Purpose
  • Investment Acquisition
  • Investment Refinance
  • Improve Subject Property
  • Use Equity to Invest in Another Property
  • Invest in a Business
  • Business Working Capital
  • Value Add Project
  • Primary Residence Purchase
Property Occupancy
  • Vacant
  • Tenant Occupied 100%
  • Owner Occupied Commercial
  • Owner Occupied Residential

Maximum Leverage

Purchase Short-Term (no Value-Add)
Max LTP Residential: 70%
Max LTP Commercial: 70%
Refinance Short-Term (no Cash Out)
Max LTV 1st Lien Residential: 70%
Max CLTV 2nd Lien Residential: 65%
Max LTV 1st Lien Commercial: 70%
Max CLTV 2nd Lien Commercial: 65%
Refinance & Cash Out Short-Term
Max LTV 1st Lien Residential: 65%
Max CLTV 2nd Lien Residential: 65%
Max LTV 1st Lien Commercial: 65%
Max CLTV 2nd Lien Commercial: 65%

Property Types

  • 2-4 Units Residential
  • Adult Day Care
  • Auto Dealership
  • Auto Repair
  • Child Day Care
  • Commercial Condominium
  • Community Center
  • Condominium
  • Gym
  • Healthcare
  • Hotel
  • Industrial
  • Mixed-Use
  • Motel
  • Multifamily
  • Office
  • Parking Garage
  • Parking Lot
  • Place of Worship
  • Portfolio of Commercial Properties
  • Portfolio of Residential Properties
  • RV Park
  • Religious Facility
  • Retail
  • Single Family Residence
  • Storage Facility
  • Winery

Loan Types

  • Private Money
  • Hard Money
  • Residential Bridge
  • Residential Owner-Occupied
  • Commercial Bridge

Specialty Loan Types

  • 2nd Mortgage Equity Cash Out
  • Bankruptcy Resolution
  • Commercial Permanent Financing
  • Line of Credit Portfolio of Properties
  • Line of Credit Single Property
  • Partner Buyout
  • Primary Residence Bridge
  • Primary Residence Business Purpose Cash Out
  • Reverse 1031 Exchange

Junior Lien Loan Amounts

$250,000 to $10,000,000

Junior Lien Interest Rates

8.99% to 10.99%

Junior Lien Loan-to-Value


Junior Lien Origination Fees

2% to 4%

We Fund Junior Position Loans


Junior Lien Types

  • Refinance
  • Equity Cash Out
We can offer a 2nd position loan as a standard equity cash out or a line of credit.

Max Loan-to-Purchase Price


Borrower Must Have Property Under Contract


Will Provide Proof of Funds Letter


Will Consider Lending on Purchase from Auction


Allowed Source of Borrower’s Equity

  • Own Cash
  • Partner
  • Equity in Another Investment Property
  • Equity in Primary Residence

Appraisal Fee

Paid to third party

Environmental Report Fee

If applicable, paid to third party

Minimum Origination Fee Amount


Fees which are mandatory for all new borrower clients

  • Appraisal Fee

Details and Requirements

Typical Closing Time (Days)


Fastest Closing Time (Days)


Payment Structure
  • Interest Only
  • Amortized
  • Interest Reserve
  • No Monthly Payments Required
Payment Structure Details

Most loans are Interest Only

Pre Payment Penalty


Will lend to a foreign national


Will Allow Junior Position Mortgage(s) Behind Our Senior Mortgage


Will Consider Collateralizing Multiple Properties in One Loan


Will Consider Equity Joint Venture


Borrower Entity Types Considered
  • Individual(s)
  • LLC
  • Limited Partnership
  • Trust
  • Corporation
  • Non-Profit Corporation
  • Self-Directed IRA
Documentation Required
  • Credit Report
  • Tax Returns
  • Bank Statements
  • Financial Statements
  • Loan Application
Personal Guaranty (Recourse) Required
Credit Check Required


Appraisal Required for Residential Property

Always Before Funding

Appraisal Required for Commercial Property

Always Before Funding

Broker Price Opinion (BPO) Accepted for Residential Property


Broker Price Opinion (BPO) Accepted for Commercial Property


Additional Details

For loans which include multiple properties, we may not require an appraisal on every single property.

Stonecrest Financial Testimonials

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Stonecrest Financial Inc. is a private mortgage lending company located in San Jose, California which was established in 1986. Our mission is to satisfy our clients’ real estate financing needs in the most timely, responsible, creative, competitive, and professional manner. We accomplish this by hiring skilled employees with significant industry knowledge and supporting them in staying at the top of their field. We stay informed of all financing options available in the marketplace and assessing the advantages and disadvantages of every option as it pertains to each client. We are committed to excellence in customer service. We believe in building relationships that go beyond the business transaction, moving into great friendships. We can work hard, produce outstanding results and have fun at the same time. This greatly contributes to an overall positive experience for our clients.

Stonecrest Line of Credit Private Loan Program

Stonecrest is one of the few private lending companies in California offering a private money line of credit. Our line of credit loans can be secured by a 1st or 2nd trust deed up to 65% LTV. The property can be owner-occupied if the funds will be used for the homeowner’s business. We can even cross-collateralize with multiple property types. A line of credit is a flexible loan, made to an individual or business, secured by real estate. Since you only pay interest on principal drawn when needed, your effective interest rate for our loan is substantially lower than a typical private hard money loan. Instead, you would have access to a predetermined amount of funds that you can use when and how you wish. You’d access the funds as you need them, repay immediately or over a specified period of time, and only pay interest on what you use.


CA DRE Lic. 01050197, CFL/DBO 60DBO-81799, NMLS ID 141656

Company Size (Number of Employees)


Year Established



  • California Mortgage Association - Member

Office Locations

4300 Stevens Creek Boulevard, Suite 275, San Jose, California 95129

Primary Capital Source
  • Debt Fund We Manage
Alternative Capital Sources
  • Individual Investors
Loan Structure for Majority of Loans
  • Own Balance Sheet
Percentage of Loans Secured by Commercial Property


Percentage of Loans Secured by Residential Property


Our Team

Dawn Bailey-Buttar

Senior Private Lending Specialist/Alternative Financing

CA DRE - 01940291
NMLS - 1166016

Todd Feldman

Investor Relations & Loans

CA DRE - 01084938
NMLS ID - 243847

Shafiq Taymuree

Executive Vice President

CA DRE - 01220811
NMLS - 247846

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Stonecrest Financial pays us to be listed, so there is no fee to connect with them directly.

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Our Minimum Loan Amount Is


What We Do

  • Properties in California Only
  • 1st and 2nd Mortgages
  • Up to 70% LTV for Refinance
  • 25-35% Cash Required for Purchase
  • Line of Credit Option for Cash Out
  • Business/Investment Purpose Only

Not Available

  • NO Consumer Purpose Loans
  • NO 100% Financing
  • NO Rural Areas
  • NO Rehab Funding
  • NO Construction
  • NO Vacant Land Loans

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