Bridge Loans for Commercial Real Estate $500K to $50MM

Watermarq is a direct private lender offering market rate, non-bank capital for semi-stabilized, value-added and transitional real estate projects. We we also provide capital for property owners with special-circumstance capital needs of all kinds:

  • Foreclosure Bailout
  • Bankruptcy Debtor in Possession
  • Environmental Issues
  • High Vacancy
  • Bad Credit
  • Litigation Funding

In addition to loan secured by commercial property, we also lend against fractional interests in real estate Limited Partnerships and LLCs.

We do not lend on land or ground-up construction projects.

Property Geographic Area Details


Loan Amounts

$500,000 to $50,000,000

Interest Rates

8.99% to 12%

Max Loan-To-Value


Max Loan-To-Cost


Origination Fees

1% to 2%

Loan Terms

6 months to 24 months

Lien Position

  • 1st
  • 2nd
  • 3rd

Loan Purpose

  • Investment Acquisition
  • Investment Refinance
  • Improve Subject Property
  • Value Add Project

Property Occupancy

  • Vacant
  • Tenant Occupied 100%

Property Types and Loan Types

Collateral Types

  • Residential Property
  • Commercial Property

Property Types

  • 2-4 Units Residential
  • Auto Repair
  • Club
  • Hotel
  • Industrial
  • Marina
  • Mixed-Use
  • Mobile Home Park
  • Motel
  • Multifamily
  • Night Club
  • Office
  • Place of Worship
  • Portfolio of Commercial Properties
  • Portfolio of Residential Properties
  • Retail
  • Single Family Residence
  • Storage Facility

Loan Types

  • Commercial Bridge
  • Commercial Property Value Add
  • Mezzanine

Specialty Loan Types

  • 2nd Mortgage Equity Cash Out
  • 3rd Mortgage Equity Cash Out
  • Partner Buyout
  • Bankruptcy Resolution
  • Foreclosure Bailout
  • Debtor in Possession

Junior Liens

Junior Lien Loan Amounts

$500,000 to $25,000,000

Junior Lien Interest Rates

12% to 18%

Junior Lien Loan-to-Value


Junior Lien Loan-to-Cost


Junior Lien Origination Fees

1% to 2%

We Fund Junior Position Loans


Junior Lien Types

  • Purchase
  • Refinance
  • Equity Cash Out
  • Mezzanine

Purchase Loan

Max Loan-To-Purchase Price


Borrower Must Have Property Under Contract


Will Provide Proof of Funds Letter


Will Consider Lending on Purchase from Auction


Allowed Source of Borrower’s Equity

  • Own Cash
  • Partner
  • Equity in Another Investment Property
  • Seller Financing

Rehab Value Add Loan

Experience Required


Minimum Number of Value-Add Projects Completed by Borrower


Will Provide Funds for Renovation Costs


Max LTC for Renovation Costs


Maximum After Repair Value


Details and Requirements

Typical Closing Time (Days)


Fastest Closing Time (Days)


Works With

  • Brokers
  • Borrowers

Payment Structure

  • Interest Only
  • Interest Reserve
  • No Monthly Payments Required

Pre Payment Penalty


Will lend to a foreign national


Will Allow Junior Position Mortgage(s) Behind Our Senior Mortgage


Will Consider Collateralizing Multiple Properties in One Loan


Will Consider Equity Joint Venture


Borrower Entity Types Considered

  • Individual(s)
  • LLC
  • Limited Partnership
  • Trust
  • Corporation
  • Non-Profit Corporation

Documentation Required

  • Loan Application

Personal Guaranty (Recourse) Required

If LTV is low enough, we will consider non-recourse.

Credit Check Required


Appraisal Required for Residential Property


Appraisal Required for Commercial Property


Broker Price Opinion (BPO) Accepted for Residential Property


Broker Price Opinion (BPO) Accepted for Commercial Property



Deposit Required

$10,000.00 to $50,000.00

We require 1% of the loan amount upon signing the LOI. We use the funds to pay for our site visit, appraisal, legal and all other third party expenses. Unused funds are credited at closing. If we don't move forward with closing, unused funds are refunded.

Fees which are mandatory for all new borrower clients

  • Deposit

Fees which are charged upfront prior to loan closing

  • Deposit

Watermarq Capital Partners is a real estate investment firm focused on providing private capital to the middle market real estate industry.

The principals at Watermarq have combined decades of experience in real estate finance and management. Their hands-on experience in financing and executing successful turnaround plans for properties, gives them a keen understanding unique in the industry. They have the deep experience necessary to discern a project’s potential or dangers, quantify unusual risk or anticipate market trends. Their real estate expertise backs every decision relating to investment commitments throughout the full real estate capital structure — including debt, preferred equity and common equity.

Watermarq is both an active originator and secondary market buyer of real estate debt and equity. Watermarq’s investment approach maintains an absolute focus on preservation of investor’s capital and risk management. At the same time, Watermarq stands out among other capital providers as a unique resource to real estate owners. By taking an organic and fluid approach to risk assessment and underwriting that goes beyond just analytical metrics, and a willingness to understand the “story” behind a deal, Watermarq is able to provide capital for unique opportunities, and structure specified deal terms compatible with borrowers’ needs.



Company Size (Number of Employees)


Year Established


Office Locations

1770 W County Line Road, Suite 205, Lakewood, New Jersey 08701

Primary Capital Source

  • Own Funds
  • Family Offices
  • Bank Credit Line

Loan Structure for Majority of Loans

  • Own Balance Sheet

Percentage of company’s lending business focused on private mortgage


Company’s Other Business Activities Besides Private Mortgage Lending

  • Note Investing

Percentage of Loans Secured by Commercial Property


Percentage of Loans Secured by Residential Property


Percentage of Residential Property Loans Which are Buy and Hold


Percentage of Residential Property Loans Which are Owner-Occupied


Total Number of Loans Funded to Date


Total Loan Volume Funded to Date


Josh Koperwas

Vice President

Jash Koperwas is responsible for sourcing investment opportunities and maintaining relationships with borrowers, brokers, and note sellers.

David Stanger


David Stanger is involved with strategic investment decisions, risk assessment and directing strategic decision making on current investment positions. His multiyear extensive hands-on investment experience with complex real estate transactions, and implementation of successful repositioning strategies for properties, allows him to take a unique view on opportunities and envision the potential of a particular strategy. David holds a Bachelors of Talmudic Law from BMG and has studied Real Estate Finance and Investment in NYU.

Mendy Pollack


Mendy Pollack has been in the commercial real estate business since 2002. He has been involved in the financing and acquisition of over a billion dollars’ worth of real estate. He began his career as a successful mortgage broker for a large New York based firm and transitioned into distressed debt acquisition in 2008. Utilizing his strong underwriting skills and relationships with lenders and commercial real estate brokers, Mr. Pollack drives and administers all acquisition, underwriting, deal modeling and disposition activities.

Shmuel Fromovitz

Asset Management

Mr. Fromovitz is responsible for managing existing investment positions and executing management strategy.

Loan Request

Short Description of your Loan Request or Property Address

This information is about yourself, not the subject property.


At the end of the form you can enter the additional properties.

(temp use, storage, billboard, parking, etc.)


If Borrower is not seeking additional funds for the renovation, change the Loan Type to Purchase or Acquisition.


(temp use, storage, billboard, parking, etc.)


If Borrower is not seeking additional funds for the renovation, change the Loan Type to Purchase or Acquisition.


how will the loan be paid off?


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