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Private Lender Link offers a unique service enabling private lending companies and industry service providers to use our platform to promote their informative content.

Give your content more exposure

Private Lender Link is the industry’s leading resource for private lending information, news, and education. Post your content on our platform, and get exposure to our vast audience of Real Estate Investors, Mortgage Brokers, and Private Lenders. Our sponsored news feed enables you to leverage’s platform to promote your business by posting various types of content focused on private lending: news, press releases, articles, data reports, case studies, white papers.

Increase your brand visibility and attract potential customers
Our platform is 100% focused on private mortgage lending
Leverage our targeted traffic - we average over 12,000 visitors per month

How It Works

  • Contact us to request access to publish content
  • Sign in to your Private Lender Link account
  • Create your content piece
  • Content will be instantly published on the News & Content section of the site
  • We’ll create a custom featured image (thumbnail)
  • We’ll promote your content on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook
  • We’ll feature your content in our monthly newsletter

Soon we will start sending periodic emails to the 3 main targeted audiences: real estate investors, mortgage brokers, direct lenders. So if your target audience is brokers, we’ll send emails to the hundreds of broker users on our platform to promote content that is relevant to them.


We charge a one-time fee to post content on our platform…


Or $240, a 20% discount, for active subscribers (companies that are paying a monthly fee to be listed on our platform)

“Standard Content” just means you’re not using our video platform to create video or audio content. It includes various content types which are mostly text: news, press release, article, whitepaper, case study, data report, etc. You can embed videos, images or audio in your posts.


Or $480, a 20% discount, for active subscribers (companies that are paying a monthly fee to be listed on our platform)

Scroll down to learn more about this unique service we offer to create rich media content.

Video/Audio Content Creation

Private Lender Link offers a unique service to help lenders and industry service providers create rich media content. Video content gets more views and attention than standard written content, but it can be challenging for companies to execute. We have a great system to make it easy for you to create and publish the content. Here’s how it works…

  • Decide on a topic
  • We’ll send you a link to a web app where you can record the content
  • Choose between video and audio only
  • Record on your computer or phone
  • We’ll do some editing to produce a professional video
  • Audio will be transcribed to generate an article
  • Article will be published on the News & Content section of our site
  • We’ll promote the article and video on social media
  • We’ll feature the article in our newsletter
  • Share the video and article with your own network
  • You can embed the video on your website



Why use our platform to post your content

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  • Increase Visibility
    You need as many eyeballs on your content as possible, and we average over 12,000 visitors every month. Most of our traffic is from organic SEO due to our site’s clean structure and domain authority. We have over 7,000 user  (created an account) and over 10,000 subscribers to our mailing list.
  • Build Credibility
    When you post content on our platform, you will build credibility with our audience. We are a trusted source of information for everything related to private lending for investment real estate.
  • Generate Leads
    Our goal is to help you get more business by promoting your content. We’ll track the number of views and the number of clicks to your profile or website.

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