30-Year DSCR Rental Refinance in Covington, LA

Funded by i Fund Cities

Covington, LA


Single Family Residence


Transaction by
i Fund Cities
I Fund Cities, a direct private lender for real estate investors, funded a $175,000 long-term rental loan for a single family residence in Covington, a suburban area north of New Orleans. It was a refinance loan with a fixed rate for a 30-year term. The loan-to-value was 65%. Erik, one of our expert and knowledgeable loan officers, was speaking on a Zoom Webinar education group about the i Fund Cities loan products. One of the meeting attendees had gone the traditional banking route for his property refinance, but he was unhappy about the level of communication he had received throughout his loan process. The borrower remembered Erik from the webinar and reached out to him. “The borrower was just looking for someone who would be upfront with him,” explains Erik. “They key to winning this deal was being up front and honest, and not pulling any surprises.”

KEY LOAN BENEFIT TO BORROWER: This borrower was able to work with a reliable lender who he knew had his back throughout the entire process of his loan.

CUSTOMER FEEDBACK: The client was incredibly grateful to have a lender with whom he could form a long-lasting relationship. "I need you guys to help me on this one, and you have a customer for life," he said. So, we did (and hopefully, we do)!