San Francisco, CA




Transaction by
SDC Capital
In September 2017, SDC Capital funded a cash-out loan on a 6-unit multi-family property in San Francisco. The borrower came to us requesting a quick close with conventional terms to complete the renovation of his daughter’s commercial property. It was a lot to ask but given the low LTV of 55%, which we determined without an appraisal, we were able to arrive at our lowest interest rate to date - 5.99%. SDC Capital provided the borrower with the best of both worlds: a quick closing and very attractive terms. We completed our due diligence and delivered loan documents to escrow within 10 days of receiving a signed term sheet. Unlike most bridge lenders, SDC Capital has the experience and ability to not only fund a broad range of deals from commercial bridge loans to residential construction loans, we also have the capital base that allows us to price deals appropriately based on the risk of the deal. We charged 1.25 points origination fee, and the loan term is 12 months.