Video Interviews and Podcast

Private Lender Link offers a unique service to interview lenders and private lending service provider who serve real estate investors, lenders, or loan originators.

Your most powerful marketing tool

Leverage Private Lender Link’s video marketing platform to inform the public about your company and services. Get interviewed by Private Lender Link. We’ll help you effectively explain what you offer and why people should do business with you. We have a large network of real estate investors, mortgage brokers and lenders. Choose your targeted audience, and we’ll handle the rest using our marketing channels.

High-quality production with multiple cameras
Multiple short videos to target various topics
Entire interview will be a podcast episode
Published on YouTube, Vimeo, and LinkedIn
Bite-size clips promoted on Instagram and YouTube
Custom landing page to capture leads

How It Works

video shoot set at RCN capital office


Video Shoot

  • We’ll shoot at your office or a local studio
  • Interview conducted by our CEO, Rocky Butani
  • 30 to 90 minutes of footage captured


After the Shoot

  • Footage will be chopped up to create multiple videos
  • You approve each video prior to publishing
  • Videos hosted on our YouTube and Vimeo Channels
  • Each video will be an article on our content platform
  • Promoted in newsletters and targeted emails
  • Promoted across our social media platforms
  • Promoted on various sections of the our website
  • Full interview will become a podcast episode
  • We’ll build a custom landing page to capture leads


One Interview shot at company’s office, a local studio or an industry conference.


Plus one-time production fee ranging from $1,500 – $2,500.

The production fee varies depending on your location and the videographer we hire.

Additional Details

  • The content will be owned by Private Lender Link
  • Videos will be hosted on our Vimeo and YouTube channels
  • We cannot provide the raw or edited video files
  • We’ll hire a local videographer to shoot the interview
  • The interview shooting time will take 1 to 2 hours
    We’ll need an additional hour before to set up and 30 minutes after to break down.

Why you should get interviewed by us

woman receiving dollar signs from the sky

  • Boost Marketing & Sales
    Video is one of the most powerful ways to communicate your services and offering to the public. While our interviews are informative and educational, it’s also a sales opportunity.
  • Build Credibility
    When you get on camera to talk about your company and services, it gives your company credibility with viewers and help you build trust.
  • Generate Leads
    Our interview videos and podcast will generate leads for you indefinitely. Videos, especially, have a long life and tend to get more views as they get older. We’ll direct viewers to a custom landing page which will capture leads for you.

Next Steps

Schedule a call or meeting
Let's chat to discuss various details about the interview service, topics and the process.
E-sign an agreement
We'll send you a simple agreement to e-sign which will address a few important items.
Schedule the shoot
Let's figure out a date when we can meet at your office or a nearby studio.

Ready to move forward?

Let's chat so we can provide more details about the interview service, pricing, scheduling, etc.