How It Works For Lenders

Private Lender Link offers a unique platform for direct lenders to connect with real estate investors and brokers.

Advertising & Lead Gen for Direct Private Lending Companies

Get listed on Private Lender Link to advertise your company and get loan origination leads. Our model is primarily a subscription fee with a month-to-month agreement. We do not charge a fee per lead. Real estate investors and mortgage brokers continually use our platform to find lenders. We give our site users the flexibility and control to connect with lenders however they choose. There are 3 methods of receiving leads.

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Create a Loan Request & Invite Lenders

With our Loan Request system, users would fill out a lot of details about their deal and save it to their account. Next, they would then search and browse lender profiles. If your company seems like a fit for their loan, the user can click a button to invite you to view their loan. You’ll get an email notification and then sign in to your account. You can use our messaging system to gather any additional details and eventually continue the conversation offline. The user can invite multiple lenders, and you’ll be able to see how many.

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Create a Loan Request & Request Recommendations

This is very similar to the first option except we would assist the user with their lender search. After the Loan Request has been created, the user has the option to ask Private Lender Link for lender recommendations. We’ll review the information to confirm it’s a doable deal, then we’ll invite a few select lenders to the Loan Request. If we find your company is a good fit, you can sign in to review the deal and then communicate with the user directly. We typically give the users 2 to 4 lender options at a time.

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Browse & Contact

Users are not required to sign up or save their deal information. They can browse lender profiles and make contact using one of 3 methods:

  • Email Form – user submits a message along with a few data fields
    • Lender receives an email notification and replies directly to the user
  • Phone Call – user has to click a button to see lender’s phone number
  • Website – user clicks a button to visit the lender’s website

We log all of these user interactions for reporting purposes.

Advertising & Lead Gen for Direct Private Lending Companies

Website & Lead Statistics

  • Approx. 10,000 visits per month nationwide*
  • 80% Borrowers, 20% Brokers
  • Most traffic from organic (non-paid) Google searches
  • The average number of leads for each lender monthly: 20
  • The majority of leads are phone calls
  • Property Search: 75% Residential, 25% Commercial

* We will gladly share our recent Google Analytics reports showing a breakdown of the traffic per each state and/or metro area.

How We Generate Traffic & Leads:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Advertising with Industry Media Companies
  • Email Blasts & Newsletters
  • Social Media
  • YouTube Channel with 300+ Videos
  • Industry Event Sponsorship
  • Trade Associations
  • Our Network of Mortgage Brokers


What does it cost to be listed?

Direct lending companies that wish to be listed in the searches on our platform pay a monthly subscription fee which varies based on the loan types offered and the geographic regions selected. Our average subscription fee is $650/mo, but the range is from $50/mo to $2,000/mo, and this mainly applies to lenders focused on residential investment properties and multifamily. For lenders that are more focused on commercial real estate, the pricing structure is fairly standardized and ranges from $250/mo to $950/mo.

Once we learn more about your company, we can give you a few pricing options. Click the link below to view our pitch deck which offers some pricing examples.

View Marketing Program

There is no commitment term. You can cancel at any time if it doesn’t work out.

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Create an account to set up your company profile and request a quote.

Lender Qualifications

Private Lender Link strives to list quality reputable private and hard money lending companies on our platform. We have several requirements:

Direct lenders only
If the majority of your loans are brokered to other private lending companies or funded with a white label program, you would not qualify. If your loans are syndicated or table funded by individual investors (one investor one loan), we do consider you to be a direct lender. The key factor is whether the borrower has to pay points to 2 lending entities. Many of our site users are brokers, and we advertise that all the lenders on our platform are direct lenders.

No individual lenders/investors
We don’t list individual private investors, but there are some exceptions. The key element to determining this qualification is your continuity of available capital. If you do not operate a lending company, we may be able to connect you with loan originators that offer mortgage investment opportunities.

Your company must have at least 3 years of experience as a direct private mortgage lender.

Company Size
The minimum company size is 2. We don’t typically list one-person companies but will consider case-by-case.

Next Steps

Sign Up and select the option to Create a New Company. Click the GET QUOTE button to inform us that you wish to get listed. We will do some quick research about your company before providing pricing options. Next, we’ll reach out to schedule a call. If you wish to move forward, we’ll send a simple agreement for you to e-sign. Proceed with completing your profile. Let us know when you’re done so we can review and approve it. We will set you up on our subscription billing system after your profile is published.


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