Get Listed, Get Leads

Get listed on Private Lender Link to advertise your company and get loan origination leads. Set up a profile page to show your lending guidelines, company bio, testimonials and recent transactions.

Borrowers and brokers can search the site, filter the list to find your profile page and make contact. You communicate with the leads directly without our involvement.

Lenders pay Private Lender Link a marketing fee upon a successful closing of a loan. Some lenders pay a flat monthly subscription fee, and some pay a combination of monthly subscription and marketing fees. In cases where a marketing fee is not legally permitted, we would charge a monthly subscription fee only. Create an account as a lender and submit some information about your company. We will send you more pricing details and a contract.

How Leads Are Received
Site visitors may contact you by phone, basic email form, or a complete loan request form. All of the initial inquiries are tracked and logged in our database. You will be notified that an inquiry can from your Private Lender Link profile page, and you reply directly to the Lead.

Deal Gallery
Our Deal Gallery section has loan request which are posted by borrowers and brokers. View all the details of the loan request and submit a quote or questions directly to the person who posted the deal. If you prefer not to have a public profile, this is a great alternative method to get some qualified leads.


Private Lender Link strives to list quality reputable private and hard money lending companies on our platform. We have several requirements:

  • The majority of your lending business must be private lending
    If your company mostly provides consumer home loans or commercial permanent loans or small business loans, but from time-to-time you originate private mortgage loans, you would not qualify. If your company’s primary business is real estate investment, but you also do private lending, you would qualify since your only lending function is private mortgages.

  • We list direct lenders only
    If the majority of your loans are brokered to other private lending companies, you would not qualify. To prove that you are an active lender, we may ask you to provide some documentation for a recent loan - settlement statement, note, or other documentation to show that you are a lender. If your loans are funded by individual investors (one investor one loan), we consider you to be a direct lender. In addition to providing loan origination leads, we can connect you with additional capital sources so you can grow your business.

  • We do not list individual lenders/investors
    There are some exceptions to this. The key element to determine this qualification is your continuity of available capital. If you do not operate a company dedicated to private mortgage lending, we can still connect you with private mortgage investing opportunities. Register as an Investor / Capital Provider, and your profile will be viewable by loan originators who are seeking additional capital sources.

  • Basic background check
    It is our policy to vet all the companies listed on the site. In order to be considered to get listed on our platform, we will, among other information, ask that you provide a list of all the company’s principals, and we may do a basic background check on them using public records. If your company is licensed on a state or national level, this will make it easier for you to pass the vetting processing to get listed on PLL. We will also do an extensive web search on your company, looking at your social media, reviews, etc. We may ask for references.

  • Signed Contract
    All Lenders listed on our platform must sign an agreement. We try to keep it simple and don’t have a ton of legal jargon in our agreement. The agreement must be signed by an authorized individual - principal, owner, counsel, etc. We’ll send you the agreement through our online contracts system. If you have any questions or concerns, you can type on the document, and we’ll address them before you e-sign. We prefer digital signature for our agreements, but you can also print and sign by hand.

Review From A Lender

I think the most beneficial aspect of Private Lender Link, is that the leads are relevant to our lending programs. Contrary to other lead generating sites, when people come to this site, they are already aware they need private money and are not “sticker-shocked” to learn of our rates and terms. This saves time for our loan representatives and we all know, time is money. In the few months that Blackburne & Sons has been listed as a lender on Private Lender Link, we have already closed two loans where the lead was generated from their site. And, with that, we look forward to seeing what the future holds for us with Private Lender Link!

Angela Vannucci | Blackburne & Sons | Sacramento, CA

Raise Capital

Investor Directory
Private Lender Link has a directory of investors who are looking to invest in private mortgages. If you are seeking additional capital sources for your private lending business, this is a great resource to help you expand and fund more loans. This investor directory is a mix of individual investors, family offices, private equity funds and other private lending companies. You can view each investor’s investment criteria and make contact with them directly. This section of the site is hidden to the public but accessible by select private lending companies. Let us know if you would like access and we will send you pricing information.

Introductions to Capital Sources
We have a number of capital sources that are not listed on our Investor Directory. Tell us about your capital needs and preferences so that we can introduce you to investors and capital providers. Whether you need more capital or cheaper capital or a better capital structure, use Private Lender Link as a resource to grow your private lending business.