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Below are the fees for various types of listings on

Employment Opportunity: $125/mo

The PLL Jobs Board is is a listing of employment opportunities that focus on the private lending industry. Companies that post jobs include lenders, capital providers and industry service providers.

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Service Provider: $100/mo

The PLL Services Directory is a listing of industry service providers that offer services to private lenders and real estate investors. Business types include Appraisal, Insurance, Marketing, Legal, etc.

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Technology Provider: $250/mo

The PLL Technology Directory is a listing of companies that offer software platforms & data services to private lenders, mortgage brokers, and real estate investors. This includes loan origination software, loan servicing software, investment management software, property data services, etc.

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Investment Offering: $250/mo

The PLL Investments Directory is a listing of mortgage debt funds and loan originators offering mortgage trust deed investment opportunities to investors.

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Capital Provider: $500 – $1,500/mo

The PLL Capital Directory is a listing of companies that provide capital to private mortgage loan originators. This includes funded loan buyers, non-performing note buyers, white correspondent programs, wholesale pricing programs, trust deed investors, and warehouse credit lines.

The monthly subscription fee depends on the number of states in which a capital provider does business:

  • 1-10 States: $500
  • 10-20 States: $1,000
  • 20-50 States: $1,500

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Private Mortgage Lenders: $200 – $3,250/mo

Private Lender Link’s primary function is to connect borrower & brokers with private lending companies. All lenders on our platform have a very detailed profile which can show in search results and other sections of the site. The monthly pricing varies based on the regions or states where the listing appears.

usa map 8 regions

  1. California: $1,500 (can be divided)
  2. Northwest: $500
  3. Southwest: $500
  4. Midwest: $500
  5. South: $500
  6. Northeast: $500
  7. Mid-Atlantic: $500
  8. Southeast: $500

For lenders that are only lending in one state or one metro area (eg. only Colorado, only Tampa Bay), we can reduce the monthly fee to as low as $200, depending on the average monthly traffic we get for that particular state or region. National lenders are encouraged to start out with one or two regions and gradually increase exposure later on.

5% Discount Per Additional Region

  • 2 Regions: 5%
  • 3 Regions: 10%
  • 4 Regions: 15%
  • 5 Regions: 20%
  • 6 Regions: 25%
  • 7 Regions: 30%
  • 8 Regions: 35%

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Lender listings require a signed contract, but there is no term commitment. Our agreements are month-to-month, but we will consider a set term upon request. If you’d like to get listed, please reach out to us to discuss pricing options and request a contract. If you have already signed a contract, click the button below to set up your monthly payment.

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Video Shoot: $500 – $1,000

Private Lender Link has produced over 300 videos for private lenders and industry service providers. Most of our videos provide insights into lenders’ guidelines and loan programs. The format is an interview style that focuses on providing valuable information to the public while also promoting your company. Check out our YouTube Channel to see tons of examples. This service is primarily offered to companies that have a public profile on our platform.

Terms for PLL Video Service

  • Fee charged is just for the video shoot; PLL maintains ownership of the content
  • Shoot at your office while we’re visiting your area, or at our office in Silicon Valley
  • You will have an opportunity to review/approve each video prior to publishing
  • Content is owned by PLL; we do not provide the raw or edited video files
  • Edited videos will have PLL branding
  • Videos will be hosted on our YouTube Channel
  • You can copy code from YouTube to embed on your website
  • PLL will direct and produce videos in our style
  • Requires a signed agreement before shoot

Video Shoot at Industry Conferences: $0

We sometimes shoot videos at industry conferences whenever we have the resources, along with permission from the event organizer. For a short promotional video or quick interview, we don’t typically charge for the shoot. The same terms listed above will apply. Additionally, we will include some branding for the event organizer.

Contact us to discuss pricing and schedule.


What is the minimum contract term?
All listings are typically month-to-month, but we will consider contract terms upon request and may offer a discount for annual contracts.

How do we pay the subscription fee?
We have a recurring billing system which will charge your credit card every month. Click the green buttons above to get started.

How do we cancel our subscription?
Send us an email, and we will cancel the subscription billing for you.

Pricing subject to change without notice.