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Below are the fees for various types of listings on

Private Mortgage Lenders: $50 – $2,000/mo

Private Lender Link’s primary function is to connect borrower & brokers with private lending companies. All lenders on our platform have a very detailed profile which can show in search results and other sections of the site. The monthly pricing varies based on the regions or states where the listing appears.

There is no term commitment. You can terminate with a 30-day notice. Our agreements are month-to-month, but we will consider a set term upon request.

If you’d like to get listed, please reach out to us to discuss pricing options and request a contract. Before publishing your profile, we will send a link to set up billing via credit card.

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Investment Offering: $150/mo

Plus $50 One-Time Setup Fee

The PLL Investments Directory is a listing of mortgage debt funds and loan originators offering mortgage trust deed investment opportunities to investors.

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Service Provider: $50/mo

Plus $50 One-Time Setup Fee

The PLL Services Directory is a listing of industry service providers that offer services to private lenders and real estate investors. Business types include Appraisal, Insurance, Marketing, Legal, etc.

Technology Provider: $100/mo

Plus $50 One-Time Setup Fee

The PLL Technology Directory is a listing of companies that offer software platforms & data services to private lenders, mortgage brokers, and real estate investors. This includes loan origination software, loan servicing software, investment management software, property data services, etc.

Capital Provider: $150/mo

The PLL Capital Directory is a listing of companies that provide capital to private mortgage loan originators. This includes funded loan buyers, non-performing note buyers, white correspondent programs, wholesale pricing programs, trust deed investors, and warehouse credit lines.

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Consumer Mortgage Lenders: $200 – $300/mo

Lenders that offer mortgage loans and equity share agreements secured by owner-occupied homes are found in searches for the “Residential Owner-Occupied” loan type. The monthly subscription fee depends on the number of states where the listing appears:

  • 1-10 States:$200
  • 10-20 States: $250
  • 20-50 States: $300


What is the minimum contract term?
All listings are typically month-to-month, but we will consider contract terms upon request and may offer a discount for annual contracts. We require a 30-day notice for billing.

How do we pay the subscription fee?
We have a recurring billing system which will charge your credit card every month. We will send you a link to set up billing before your listing goes live.

How do we cancel our subscription?
Send us an email, and we will cancel the subscription immediately.

Pricing subject to change without notice.