Private Construction Loan for Manufactured Home in Lane County, Oregon

Funded by Blue-inc. Capital


Deal Details

Private Loan Type

Residential Ground-Up Construction

Approx. Funding Date


Property Type
Manufactured Home
Property City


Property State


Loan Term (months)


Lien Type

1st Trust Deed

Payment Type

Interest Only

Purchase Price


Loan-to-Purchase Price


Borrower's Contribution to Purchase


Source of Borrower's Contribution


Construction Budget


Construction Budget Funded


Completed Value


Loan-to-Completed Value


Construction Project Scope

Construction Completion

Location Type


Property Condition

Brand New Build

Occupancy at Closing


Building Square Footage


Borrower's Plan

Build and Sell

Exit Strategy


Borrower Credit Rating


Interest Rate


Deal Highlights

Manufactured home purchase and placement loan
Borrower was required to contribute just 5% cash to the purchase

Deal Summary

Blue-inc Capital, a private lender based in Oregon, funded a $265,000 construction loan for a manufactured home in Springfield, OR. The purchase price was $90,000 and the construction budget was $180,000. Blue-inc Capital funded 95% of the purchase price and 100% of the construction budget in 1st lien position. The Borrower contributed 5% cash. The completed value was $350,000 so the loan-to-completed value was 75%. The Borrower purchased a vacant residential lot. The lot was ready to go for building a new home. They estimated it to take about 2-4 months to place the manufactured home and 3-4 months to make a sale. The newly manufactured home offers approximately 1444 square feet, 3 bedrooms, and 2 full bathrooms. The residential building lot was purchased for $90,000, the manufactured home is approximately $110,000. Infrastructure and placements costs are approximately $70,000. Our loan, in the amount of $265,000 was over 95% of the cost, land, and home, due to the completed value having a significant upside. The Borrower had fair credit. They plan to sell the property upon completion. The interest rate was 10% and the loan term was set at 12 months. This residential ground-up construction loan was funded in August 2022.

Funded By

Blue-inc. Capital

Oregon's private lending solution for over 30 years

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